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This Blog is all about me, I try to be as honest as I can be.

I have many sides to me, One being an innocent, shy mermaid, the other a sassy, loud Dominican. Yes, very complicated.

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Marruecos / Morocco

The land: The land in the places I visited in Morocco were very mountainous. We saw so many rural areas, and land for animals to graze, so many animals, and mountains. I dont have many pictures of the mountains but I took a lot of videos of the landscape that I took from the bus. 

The cities: The cities in Morocco that i visited were Tangier, Chefchaouen, and Tetouan. My favorite was Chef. Its a city painted in blue. This will all be on my YouTube channel soon! The cities seemed pretty modern, the hotels were amazing, although they scared us about not drinking tapped water. The cities are also very traditional, most females/women have the head garment. Most pray 5 times a day to follow their Muslim traditions, however there’s also a small amount of Jews and Catholics. There is no problem with religion, there is a freedom of religion and there are synagogues and cathedrals. We saw many farmer markets, the people usually buy fresh produce every day. I didn’t like seeing the chicken in crates, Im also thinking about becoming vegetarian. :] The weather was a little like southern Spain where I am at, however it was a bit cloudy. But there were times when the sun came out and it was really warm.

On this trip there were so many foreign, international students from different countries not just the US studying in Spain. That was cool to see, a lot of people were speaking German, Dutch, Polish, Italian, as well as Arabic. So many languages on this trip :] so awesome.

The Food: To my taste buds are food I tried was very similar to Dominican/Spanish food. Except the chicken and sauces were flavored with spices typical to Morocco. I really liked it.

the salads consisted of potato, beets, carrots, cucumbers, boiled egg, lettuce, cabbage, sometimes tuna, mayonnaise which made it taste like ensalada russa.

The chicken had a lot of sauce, very tomato-y and like cumin-y.  There was also meat balls one night, raisin was in many things, and there were olives as appetizers, weird ones i have never tasted in my life, really strong flavor.  And the tea was so good, the soup was so-so.

The people (and languages): The people were really nice, the kids were sweet, we always saw kids playing on the streets and I love that, it means it safe for them to play, usually, and family oriented. Everyone spoke so many languages, Arabic, French, English, Spanish. I felt so inadequate, i want to speak that many languages and fluently.

One night we were walking the boardwalk before leaving for dinner and these two Moroccan guys approached us, knowing we were foreigners. They spoke in Spanish, One of them studied in Cordoba for two years and spoke Spanish better than Arabic, it was amazing. They were really nice, but they wanted us to take a taxi with them to go to another city to find a club, I was like errrhhrrrrrrr, bye. They knew I was the difficult one, idc. We had to run back to the hotel because we were almost late for the bus. 

The cats: They were so many cats everywhere! But they said the reason was because since they pray and wash themselves a lot Dogs are dirtier or something? hmmm I also noticed i was getting a really itchy throat, and its because Im allergic to cats or their saliva.

Clothing: Well the women are very conservative but still very colorful. The guys were either comfortable in loose/dress like shirts or modern with jeans and a button up shirt

Shopping: Shopping was like nothing I have ever experienced. I posted a video on Youtube on my haul and all the details. I absolutely loved everything though I wanted to buy more and more and like usual I left with only a couple cents in my bag.

The bus (negative) Too much traveling but Morocco is huge and I only went to 3 places.

I went with a company named We Love Spain. Check it out!!!